Scream 20th Anniversary

Don’t answer the phone! Don’t open the door! Don’t try to escape.

One of the biggest box-office horror hits of all time! so what’s your favorite scary movie?

Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Scream スクリーム (1996) on December 20

P.S. (6th June 2017) I got a 2nd LIKE from Rose Mcgowan on Instagram again!!!!! Yes!!!!! thx so much Rose!!

The 2nd Like from Rose McGowan on Instagram


casey-becker-by-jewel-x-jackman  sidney-prescott-by-jewel-x-jackman  tatum-riley-by-jewel-x-jackman  billy-loomis-by-jewel-x-jackman  stu-macher-by-jewel-x-jackman  gale-weathers-by-jewel-x-jackman  dewey-riley-by-jewel-x-jackman


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