About Me 私 に ついて

Hi! I’m Jewel (เอ๊กโกะ)
Just an ordinary girl who likes to wear different hats as a freelance illustrator, Graphic designer, Hairdresser and Make-up Artist based out of Bangkok, Thailand

Still on my mine by Jewel x Jackman  King Bhumibol by Jewel x Jackman  rip-carrie-fisher-by-jewel-x-jackman  Darth X by Jewel x Jackman  X -Trooper by Jewel x Jackman  Defender2017 by Jewel x Jackman  MattMurdock by Jewel x Jackman  JessicaJones by Jewel x Jackman  IronFist by Jewel x Jackman  LukeCage by Jewel x Jackman  Dragon-Takeshi by Jewel x Jackman  Andromeda-X by Jewel x Jackman  rip-paulwalker-by-jewel-x-jackman  DC-LaTavia by Jewel x Jackman  DC-Kelly by Jewel x Jackman  Michelle Williams by Jewel x Jackman  DC-Beyonce by Jewel x Jackman  nana-by-jewel-x-jackman  ai-by-jewel-x-jackman  sol-by-jewelxjackman  BlackWidow by Jewel x Jackman  scream-20th-anniversary-by-jewel-x-jackman  tatum-riley-by-jewel-x-jackman  sidney-prescott-by-jewel-x-jackman  casey-becker-by-jewel-x-jackman  billy-loomis-by-jewel-x-jackman  stu-macher-by-jewel-x-jackman  gale-weathers-by-jewel-x-jackman  dewey-riley-by-jewel-x-jackman  sakuralucy-by-jewel-x-jackman1  shikamarutyler-by-jewel-x-jackman1  Team 8 by Jewel x Jackman  KibaTaylor by Jewel x Jackman1  Shino Nicholas by Jewel x Jackman1  Hinata Shay by Jewel x Jackman1  team-baki-by-jewel-x-jackman  Temari Ashley by Jewel x Jackman1  Gaara Nolan by Jewel x Jackman1  Kankuro Evan by Jewel x Jackman1  PLL-Liars by Jewel x Jackman  Emily Fields by Jewel x Jackman  Hanna Marin by Jewel x Jackman  Spencer Hastings by Jewel x Jackman  Alison DiLaurentis by Jewel x Jackman  Aria Montgomery by Jewel x Jackman  lorenzo-enzo-st-john-by-jewel-x-jackman  Freya Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Finn Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Elijah Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Niklaous Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Kol Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Rebekah Mikaelson by Jewel x Jackman  Pui Wanvisa by Jewel x Jackman  Alin by Jewel x Jackman1  tae-anuwat-by-jewel-x-jackman  Koafie2015 by Jewel x Jackman  bownita-by-jewel-x-jackman  puckkapaow-by-jewel-x-jackman  Onchuma by Jewel x Jackman  Koafie2017 by Jewel x Jackman  Pond Sandra by Jewel x Jackman  Jane Hormones 3 by Jewel x Jackman  Komrak by Jewel x Jackman  Dew Hormones 3 by Jewel x Jackman  RIP Wes Craven by Jewel x Jackman  JJ by Jewel x Jackman  Ratha by Jewel x Jackman  Mam Pattarawan by Jewel x Jackman  Sense by Jewel x Jackman  Koafie by Jewel x Jackman.jpg  Korn Chamadol by Jewel x Jackman  RIP Billy Glide by Jewel x Jackman  Nikki Nithikan by Jewel x Jackman  Som2 by Jewel x Jackman  Nana Sirisuwan by Jewel x Jackman  David Rennoldson by Jewel x Jackman  Nana&David by Jewel x Jackman  B&N by Jewel x Jackman  D&N by Jewel x Jackman

Gift by Jewel x Jackman.jpg  Jan by Jewel x Jackman  yaya-by-jewel-x-jackman  Leon by Jewel x Jackman  The Mikaelsons by Jewel x Jackman  Brock The Octopus by Jewel x Jackman  LetsScare-Nyctophobia by Jewel x Jackman  LetsScare-The Haunted Tree by Jewel x Jackman  LetsScare-The Pray by Jewel x Jackman  LetsScare-Broken Buddha Statues by Jewel x Jackman  LetsScare-Boo by Jewel x Jackman  #WeLoveThailand by Jewel x Jackman  stefanredcat-cover-by-jewel-x-jackman  ThaiLoveCourse-Cover by Jewel x Jackman  PropertySumo Logo by Jewel x Jackman  ThailandRedCat Logo by Jewel x Jackman  PaleoBangkok Logo by Jewel x Jackman

I am an 80’s Kid & Love 90’s, a Nutella lover ♥
My hobby is drawing cartoon, character design
love TV series, movies,
love to listen R n’ B, Jazz
love to dance (like crazy) whenever, wherever they play my favorite songs 🙂
especially “Alors On Danse” by Stromae

If any of my work interests you or you would like me to design something, please contact me at

Thank you so much for your time to visit my site 🙂 hope you come back again

P.S. เชื่อว่าหลายๆท่านคงชอบรับชมรับฟังสื่อต่างๆที่เรียกรอยยิ้มหรือเสียงหัวเราะเป็นส่วนใหญ่ ตัวดิฉันเองก็ชอบเช่นกัน แล้วก็ชอบเอาสิ่งนั้นมาแบ่งปันกันฮา

จึงได้มีcollectionเรียกรอยยิ้ม เพิ่มตรงเมนู “Let’s lol” ไว้ทางด้านบนของblogให้ (เผื่อในกรณีที่อยากจะเปลี่ยนบรรยากาศหลังจากเพลิดเพลินไปกับผลงานภาพวาดของดิฉันจนเบื่อแล้ว) หรือจะคลิกที่นี่แทนก็ได้

อยากให้ทุกๆท่านที่มาเยี่ยมเยียนblogนี้ได้รอยยิ้มทุกครั้งที่คลิกเข้ามานะคะ 🙂


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